Beneath the Capricorn Sun

"I grazed the marshes of the Okavango, singing quietly with a voice of hope for the delight I was seeking. The perennial rains of trouble fell on me, harshly wounding my heart, and roots of lilies tugged at my feet beckoning me to stay. But I sought a tune of love that would not let... Continue Reading →


Joy is a Place

Joy is a place Joy is a long wave of moments under the shadow of His wings, in the secret place of the Most High. Joy is the Holy of Holies to which the veil has been torn, where His presence marks epochs in my small life. Joy is a tabernacle of peace; and a... Continue Reading →

That Perfect Love

Perfect love casts out fear. Lust is selfish. It wants what it wants for itself. It does not care. It isn't considerate. It isn't kind. Love is selfless. It gives all, lays all down, lets go. If invited, it will stay. If not, love sits outside patiently, soundlessly; waiting for a beckoning. Love does not... Continue Reading →

Stolen Fairytales

Stolen fairytales falling off the wall Pictures that should have never been there She may like it but its too hard for them to crawl Up to wherever the heavens end It was only a haughtiness she wore that day, That ensured and instigated, hammered through. His shoes are like the revolver on a motorcycle... Continue Reading →

I am my Father

This is an expression of feeling dug deep within. Life hands us potions we have no right to refuse. Strength is when once you recognize your need, constant and unattended, and bring yourself out and be that which you need, for the fulfillment of your purpose. Never be engulfed, the sea has no mouth to... Continue Reading →

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