That Perfect Love

heart-700141_1280Perfect love casts out fear.

Lust is selfish. It wants what it wants for itself. It does not care. It isn’t considerate. It isn’t kind.

Love is selfless. It gives all, lays all down, lets go. If invited, it will stay. If not, love sits outside patiently, soundlessly; waiting for a beckoning.

Love does not press itself upon others, it walks by leaving imprints in memories etched in the hollow of time, only to be seen when you open the pages of the past; you will know; That was Love.

Love is good-hearted and ever-smiling. Love is humble. Love never expects to be loved back, because that is not the reason it exists.

Love just hopes, and prays and keeps the faith. Although love never gives up, love never enslaves.


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