Beneath the Capricorn Sun

“I grazed the marshes of the Okavango, singing quietly with a voice of hope for the delight I was seeking. The perennial rains of trouble fell on me, harshly wounding my heart, and roots of lilies tugged at my feet beckoning me to stay. But I sought a tune of love that would not let me go, to dance on dry land in arms that caressed until we reach the end. My love, I want the sweet chirping of peolwanes to be the harmony to our song, that our dance may resonate on the face of eternity.

Oh my love! How I cried at your sight! I collided onto you just beyond the magnificent Kgalagadi, in the place where mophane trees grow, lawns wild at our feet; those grasses, they know me. my tears fell there when I left the land of my mothers.

My darling husband, you are the strength of Kalanga and the soundness of the San. No better stream could I ever swim so freely, no better love could I ever receive. I trudged the marshes of the North with hot cheeks, blazed through the heat of the Kgalagadi in barrenness, to find my Own int he land of balance, where the mophane tree grows. And he kissed me, oh how he kissed me, beneath the Capricorn sun.”




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