I am my Father

This is an expression of feeling dug deep within. Life hands us potions we have no right to refuse. Strength is when once you recognize your need, constant and unattended, and bring yourself out and be that which you need, for the fulfillment of your purpose. Never be engulfed, the sea has no mouth to swallow you, but be that which you need to be.

I am my Father

I wear the shoes my inner child hears treading when I return home from a long day’s work

I am the man who buys my daughter all she needs, I am the hand that wipes her tears when she is all alone and weeps.

I am the wall of protection to shield her from heart-breakers, I am the one who says “It’s OK” when she has made a mistake.

I am the driver who comes to pick her up when she has lost all hope. I give her medicine when she is sick, food when she is hungry, peace when she is troubled.

I slaughter a cow and bring her the meat. I wield my sword when her enemies attack.

I am the one on the phone asking her how her day was, I lay her to bed when she’s had a long day at school.

I am the provider, the arms of refuge, the shoulder of comfort, the man pushing the swing.

I am the one who cheers for her when she sings.

I am the voice of counsel she hears from within, I am the listener of her stories and the courage behind her dreams. I, also, am the one who knows how she likes her tea; sugar, sugar, more sugar and cream.

I will be the one who gives her hand in marriage, to some worthy gentleman.

I pray for her when she is low, I can never let her go.

I, alone, only me, yesterday, today, tomorrow.

I am my father.

I am my Father


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