S E C R E T: Dear ex “future-husband”

I sat in a circle of family and friends internally analyzing the things that once were, and the things that brought us to where we today. The songs of the little children still full of life when it was long past bedtime sounded distant and far removed; like a soundtrack to the episode of my love life. The truth came rushing in like ocean waves beating upon a sandy beach; my heart. And a greater wave of grand acceptance rushed upon me like peace. Like a river, perhaps, attending my way.

“They took the last of the mophane logs and hurled them into the fire. They burned fiercely, along with our tears, our smiles, our laughter, our energies, our faith. In such moments, when the world comes crashing at our feet, we can’t see the future because it’s blurred by our tears. But when the time comes, we set aside a few seconds to grieve the ones who never deserved our love.”

We trudged the lowlands of the southern horizon, hand in hand and one in mission. It was my pleasure to please you, to pour out from the recesses of my heart all the love I had. But despite the allegiance I pledged towards you; you proved to be the one who didn’t deserve it. Dear ex-future-husband…you were the one who never deserved.



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