Just yesterday, I walked home in the slowest steps I have ever taken since leaving my primary school days when too much play would leave me exhausted. Every one of them seemed heavier than the last, and I imagined my feet tied to the waters of the ocean, and I was struggling through the current... Continue Reading →


Destination Tsodilo Hills: Camping in the Wilderness

I considered calling it quits at Gumare but Tsodilo was just on the other side of Xushinka Lagoon. But there I was. Little did I know there was a whole new world waiting for me on the hilly terrain which once cradled the first of humankind.

I walked into the yard with mild apprehension. I had experienced all sorts of family things with my family people, and no matter what I have done, this place was home. And I could never go anywhere else. I stepped through the door, hoping to find no one in the lounge, so that I take... Continue Reading →

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