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Pursued for Eternity

The word 'Forever' has been constantly on my mind as I think more on my future with the Lord. It is a future that goes on beyond my future in the next twenty, thirty or fifty years. Beyond career, a spouse, children, dreams and aspirations. It is a 'forever' future; a blessing I was given… Continue reading Pursued for Eternity
Heartfelt Daily, Radically Peo

Dear Society

  Life couldn't have had it any other way than the way it is right now. The last days of college are packed with questions and embers of hope, that the next chapter of Life will be kind enough to let every graduate pass, get a ticket to an amazing freelance job and of course… Continue reading Dear Society

Heartfelt Daily, Radically Peo, since Grace permits...

The Miracle of Purpose

“The purposes of a person’s heart are deep waters, but one who has insight draws them out” (Proverbs 20:5). We exist for a greater purpose. A purpose we can't measure with rightness or wrongness. That which must be achieved will be achieved. It is beyond me to try to control or dissuade that which is… Continue reading The Miracle of Purpose

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The Individual Minority: Why Formal Equality can Never be Equal

The evidence that man have failed at attaining through themselves divinity is displayed through the inadequacy of providing for our own basic needs. This is not to say that animals who depend on their own capabilities to fend for themselves are divine, but that we are still mere men. The yarns of our lives are… Continue reading The Individual Minority: Why Formal Equality can Never be Equal

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I am my Father

This is an expression of feeling dug deep within. Life hands us potions we have no right to refuse. Strength is when once you recognize your need, constant and unattended, and bring yourself out and be that which you need, for the fulfillment of your purpose. Never be engulfed, the sea has no mouth to… Continue reading I am my Father

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Yet Another Year

There are many things i could write about the new year. Perhaps a little 'compliments!' would do. Yes, in its entire wholesomeness; Compliments! This morning I woke up with  Vashawn Mitchell's "Nobody Greater" song on my heart (check it out here). It is beautiful. And once again, I was brought to remember the greatness of God,… Continue reading Yet Another Year