Joy Unceasing

Can the spirit of a mortal Live beyond the reach of trouble? Knowing not a painful struggle, Ever joyful in the Lord? -D.S. Warner (1893) Joy is not the absence of pain or trails; but the peace and security that shines through our small smiles as the storm rages over and around us. "I pray... Continue Reading →


5 Reasons why February is the Best month of the Year

Whoop whoop! The month of February is upon us! Without a doubt this month proves special from the rest, apart from the tons of love being supposedly shared in this month (cue the surprise engagements and Valentine's Day) there's also quite a few awesome things to consider about this month. I couldn't help but notice.... Continue Reading →

8 Lessons Life has Taught me in 2017

1. Kindness is reciprocative.  Like many other things in life, kindness has a bouncing-back effect. I have been struggling with my finances every day as a student with minimal extra funds to spare, but always have a P2.00 somewhere on me to give to someone who is asking in honest sincerity. Sometimes, most times, with... Continue Reading →

This Could be Your Story

This is an old post written at the beginning of 2017. Its relevance overrides any date. This might be your story too. My mother stared at me in disbelief, failing utterly to conceal the look of concern on her face. After a moment or two she recovered. “so what exactly are you saying? O simolola... Continue Reading →

Pursued for Eternity

The word 'Forever' has been constantly on my mind as I think more on my future with the Lord. It is a future that goes on beyond my future in the next twenty, thirty or fifty years. Beyond career, a spouse, children, dreams and aspirations. It is a 'forever' future; a blessing I was given... Continue Reading →


Watch out for a hot post on PeolwaneInTheSky coming soon!  Happy weekend!!                                                      lots of love, Lwaone  

In God’s light

I can come to the throne of grace boldly. It was never specified that who can come and who can't. In God's light, we are all equal. I encourage all the men of this modern society to emancipate themselves from the bonds of patriarchy, which was a tool developed by their forefathers to have their... Continue Reading →

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