1 Year Anniversary and #BreaktheCycle

February is running fast. Just thought the other day about preparing for my post about the 9th, a day of life-changing revolution that took place last year in the University of Botswana. And bamm! It’s the 9th today, I’m barely prepared and #BreaktheCycle by MarriedandYoung.com challenge has turned me inside out. Breaking the cycle is hard..Joh. I... Continue Reading →



Just yesterday, I walked home in the slowest steps I have ever taken since leaving my primary school days when too much play would leave me exhausted. Every one of them seemed heavier than the last, and I imagined my feet tied to the waters of the ocean, and I was struggling through the current... Continue Reading →

Dear Society

  Life couldn't have had it any other way than the way it is right now. The last days of college are packed with questions and embers of hope, that the next chapter of Life will be kind enough to let every graduate pass, get a ticket to an amazing freelance job and of course... Continue Reading →

Love: All that it Comes To

  Love, I have found, its true essence seems to me to be, a thorough intensity, of choice and the ultimate sacrifice. Of love, I have learnt I can never please everyone, friends, onlookers, acquaintances and sometimes even family. What matters above all things is the greatness of choice. Its emancipation, its validation, its strength.... Continue Reading →

FEMINISM:what has it been Good for??

ABSOLUTELY NOTHING? It cannot be just that, good for nothing. A glance back to the first wave of feminism in the 1950’s until today shows multiple improvements in the livelihood of girls and women. I do personally lament the losses incurred from this movement; pro-sex legislation which men have used to their advantage, the death... Continue Reading →

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