The Uncommon Graces of Being Woman in the Bible Times

How often have you thought about what being a woman meant in the times of the Bible? If we don’t look closely enough, we’d be quick to suggest female insubordination, abuse and humiliation. But, oh, there is more!


1 Year Anniversary and #BreaktheCycle

February is running fast. Just thought the other day about preparing for my post about the 9th, a day of life-changing revolution that took place last year in the University of Botswana. And bamm! It’s the 9th today, I’m barely prepared and #BreaktheCycle by challenge has turned me inside out. Breaking the cycle is hard..Joh. I... Continue Reading →

Intellectual Burnout!

Exactly two months and one week ago, I was a bubbly varsity senior with only a semester left to my big break and a newfound vibrancy for learning entirely new things. According to the misdirection of those short-lived academic energies, I enrolled myself for an International Administration class (cheers to the UN employment aspirants like... Continue Reading →

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