The Uncommon Graces of Being Woman in the Bible Times

How often have you thought about what being a woman meant in the times of the Bible? If we don’t look closely enough, we’d be quick to suggest female insubordination, abuse and humiliation. But, oh, there is more!


In God’s light

I can come to the throne of grace boldly. It was never specified that who can come and who can't. In God's light, we are all equal. I encourage all the men of this modern society to emancipate themselves from the bonds of patriarchy, which was a tool developed by their forefathers to have their... Continue Reading →

FEMINISM:what has it been Good for??

ABSOLUTELY NOTHING? It cannot be just that, good for nothing. A glance back to the first wave of feminism in the 1950’s until today shows multiple improvements in the livelihood of girls and women. I do personally lament the losses incurred from this movement; pro-sex legislation which men have used to their advantage, the death... Continue Reading →

Sex should have Never been Liberated

Who owns my body? Surely I don’t. I cannot run from the dictatorship of society in every aspect of my life, dress, education, manners and sex, no matter how far I traverse the boundless Kgalagadi. Any attempt has been put down or answered back by steaming atomic bullets. And feminists made another big mistake in... Continue Reading →

Liberated Looks

I am now in my third week of a complete natural hair challenge. I removed a synthetic weave I had on two weeks ago and let my dreadlocks run loose. And 14 days later I feel completely defeated. Despite the compliments, I still feel a lot less like myself. Just the other day I ranted... Continue Reading →

It is the Women who Pay

After the Beijing Platform of Action turned the world upside down, emancipating women and bringing new opportunities, breaking families and building female careers, it is still the women who pay. In the midst of the construction of a liberal empire with slogans like “I am a woman, and YES, I can”, unsuspectingly, we also created... Continue Reading →

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