Why Approval is the Downfall of Ubuntu

Why Approval is the Downfall of Ubuntu: A case of misapplied virtue in Botswana.


Strength to Let Go

There is a time for departure even when there's no certain place to go: the art of Letting Go.

Easter is Coming!

I am not ready for Easter. Dear Lord, sometimes we get so caught up in our problems, our successes, our missions and aims, our happiness, our health, and forget to look to You. Sometimes, we let our art run loose while denying You the credit of being the ultimate inspiration. I found myself this first... Continue Reading →

Joy is a Place

Joy is a place Joy is a long wave of moments under the shadow of His wings, in the secret place of the Most High. Joy is the Holy of Holies to which the veil has been torn, where His presence marks epochs in my small life. Joy is a tabernacle of peace; and a... Continue Reading →

1 Year Anniversary and #BreaktheCycle

February is running fast. Just thought the other day about preparing for my post about the 9th, a day of life-changing revolution that took place last year in the University of Botswana. And bamm! It’s the 9th today, I’m barely prepared and #BreaktheCycle by MarriedandYoung.com challenge has turned me inside out. Breaking the cycle is hard..Joh. I... Continue Reading →

Joy Unceasing

Can the spirit of a mortal Live beyond the reach of trouble? Knowing not a painful struggle, Ever joyful in the Lord? -D.S. Warner (1893) Joy is not the absence of pain or trails; but the peace and security that shines through our small smiles as the storm rages over and around us. "I pray... Continue Reading →

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