Home is a People

A smile is the universal welcome.-- Max Eastman That swift hand pulled me gently forward, saying "Come, let me show you my people." And there I stood in the midst of them, radiating warmth, feeling their kindness only a few breaths away, inwardly hearing their laughter for future days, their strength empowering me from shoulder... Continue Reading →


When You try to Skip Church but God…

“So? What do you mean your dress is wet so you are not going?” my mother, the earliest early bird I know, waited for my answer as I got up confused with a slight tugging at my heart I had went to bed with that I did not want to go to church in the... Continue Reading →

Good Vibes Only

Trials. Tribulation. Severe conflicts. Illness. Uncertainty of life. Heavy Aloneness. Fatigue. Lord, rescue me from my gloom! I hurt at being a friend to my agonies whilst being indifferent to my little joys! I’d like to be cheerful through the storms and happy in your comfort. Your rest is my peace and joy, and my... Continue Reading →

Vana Illusion

We sometimes have Dreams from hours spent on wishful thinking. In our dreams, ideas have no boundaries, they can stretch as far and wide enough to make two enemies embrace as friends. Most time, we are just skipping along on the edge of what could be, because some things are really not meant to happen.

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