Dear Society


Life couldn’t have had it any other way than the way it is right now. The last days of college are packed with questions and embers of hope, that the next chapter of Life will be kind enough to let every graduate pass, get a ticket to an amazing freelance job and of course put in some work for the Lord, whose coming is near.

The door to the future has opened very wide, once for all. For all of us standing scared at the edges and those who dared to take that giant leap at the light of the first dawn. I am consciously emotionally affected!

Dear Society, do not look at me with eyes anticipating greatness, may I be allowed to be great in the humble disposition whichever I find myself in.

Do not try to push me to the limits of greatness through your endless motivation and shared scholarly prospects. Some of the greatness we ought to receive does not ascend to the heights but goes down to the floors of our souls for building character strength.

Do not attempt to correct your own past faults with me. Sometimes, we get hurt by another person’s failure of a test because we were inwardly hoping they would pass it in our stead. For those things you could not rectify for Me, and me for you. My journey is unique, and past struggles with keeping myself clean to be the hope of society has proven me incapable of altering the minds of mankind. May I be allowed to breathe freely with no idle soul breathing down my neck.

And lastly, for the liberty each one of us has taught ourselves to chase; the one true meaning of divine purpose according to His Will, the love in our hearts that will manifest differently in every circumstance, and the wounds taking too long to heal and the scars we choose to carry with pride; Bear with us. The pleasures of liberty are beyond us…and rightfully so.

“True liberty is not the power to live as we please, but to live as we ought.”Arthur W. Pink

University of Botswana-photograph by Jiggur Major of KIR

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