5 Reasons why Pearlie Kay is furious over Trump’s win & why I hate to do this article

U.B Feminists Anti-TRUMP CAMPAIGNERS in mock happiness, not the guy in the though(he showing it). PEARLIE KAY on the far right.

5. PEARLIE KAY  holds close to her heart traditional Marxist views. The economy is the superstructure! But does the new President-elect think as much for every proletariat?

4. PEARLIE KAY  happens to be a Herero-Kalanga Princess who abandoned the Throne ready for her at 23 for a four-year degree in Criminology and a career thereafter.

3.PEARLIE KAY, although having debated vengefully for Formal Equality, she is a true believer in Substantive equality and equal opportunities for all, even minorities. You know what trump said about minorities, right?

2. PEARLIE KAY does not like the color red. Full stop.

1. PEARLIE KAY has not a single rats’ ass to give a care. Excuse her French.

The politics of this world, from a realist point of view, have lost the true meaning of realpolitik. Presidencies seem to matter much more than the core lives of the people. the state has the right to be animus dominandi, in pursuit of cultivating sovereign political ideology and power, but it is predictably evident that one-man power is the ultimate pursuit. Trump is (subjective) trifling with the lives of Americans with allusions to “making America great again!”. But we do have to appreciate that such decisions of the people serve as future history material, and perhaps a broadening of the frameworks in the academic arena. The predictably evident might be a concept to be developed in the future. And who knows, a smart millennial out here in Africa might figure out the biological and genetic reasons why some leader has overly comical slurred speech, even in Office.


This post is fully protected by academic law, as well, Schapera’s mekgwa le melao of the nation BW. Copyright peolwaneinthesky.wordpress.com. Reflective media. Hold that summons right there!


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