“Orange the World” GBV 2016

Color the world Orange! This year's 16 Days much-needed theme.


5 Reasons why Pearlie Kay is furious over Trump’s win & why I hate to do this article

5. PEARLIE KAY  holds close to her heart traditional Marxist views. The economy is the superstructure! But does the new President-elect think as much for every proletariat? 4. PEARLIE KAY  happens to be a Herero-Kalanga Princess who abandoned the Throne ready for her at 23 for a four-year degree in Criminology and a career thereafter. 3.PEARLIE... Continue Reading →

Ele é a razão porque eu sou.

Joining the world of academia has hurled many complications into my simple life. As an aspiring future Criminologist and other stuff God has for me in the pipeline, I am often confronted with the disturbances of ‘professional’ life. Over-thinking is the norm; time wasted while looking into nothingness and thinking about what this life is... Continue Reading →

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