A Coward in the Faith: Are you One?


Today, there is a burden in our Christian lives which are reflected through the lives we live. The Apostle Paul, in his last letter to Timothy, talks about the holistic future of this world. In the last days, there will be lovers of self and lovers of money… They will act religious but reject the power that could make them godly. The world has transformed into all that Paul had foreseen. Many people have rejected the Gospel, or have otherwise taken it as a pill, sugar-coated and a means to an end. Those truly saved are constantly bombarded with the tests of the devil through education, materialism, consumerism and wealth. These things they do see once they take of their eyes off the cross.

Yet the Word does mention in Romans 12 that we conform not to this world, or the things of this world, and in 1st John that the world will pass away with all the things in it. I wake up on a regular day and put on the local radio playing songs of the enemy and listen as if it’s a good thing. A few minutes into the show the presenters are saying a bunch of high-sounding nonsense which I treat is the voice of God Himself. Later, I go on to eat all kinds of filth in abundance forgetting there are many without a meal. I go to a church meeting in the evening and convince myself that I do enough for the Lord!

In all that, what seems important is the life I live; my service, my hurt, my pain, my history, my future. What I want. The believer with depression I’d like them to step out of the bonds of selfishness. I struggle with a good mood each day lest I think of Christ who died for me to live his life, with many souls out there needing salvation. While we are given strength as believers we in the abuse of grace, convince ourselves that we can manage to live our lives in the path of righteousness, while we do wake on the Lord’s Day, put on a coat of righteousness we sew ourselves and reject the very power which would enable us to live godly lives. God is knocking on the doors of believers asking to be let through, that the Holy Spirit may come in, invade all the rooms of their souls and make good unto the fulfilment of purpose!

We love ourselves! Our clothing! Our houses! Our cars! We know the tagline to every consumer brand yet can’t state whether the books of John, John 1st 2nd and 3rd and Revelation were written by one person or not! We sing hymns like we were tasked by a strict principal at a 1960’s young boys’ college! Where are our hearts? How often we do attend church, but how often we forget that the very same power that raised Christ from the dead, up from the grave, defying all common knowledge and popular beliefs, mysticism, the laws of science if you like, in a great victory of good triumphing evil, that great power which passes all our understanding, oh the greatness of God, lives in us! It lives in you! If you believe, it lives in you! People of the Bible aren’t merely characters which were conjured up for the entertainment of men. Isaac was born in his parents’ old age, Moses was faithful in the Exodus of the Israelites, David did kill Goliath, and if you aren’t sure Meshach and Abednego did not be consumed in the fire of a blazing dungeon. And Joshua just marched, and Jericho was conquered.

The lord Jesus himself, He defeated the devil in His hunger, and did not give in. When he died and rose again, a new era began. An era of possibility. Do not fear consecration! The last thing on the list for any believer is to be loved by the world that hated his Master. No. We aren’t to be confused in the pursuit of self when in our salvation we died! Do not fear consecration so. There is power, power given to you, poured out, running over, that enables you to live a Christ-like life. Consecrated. Separated. Set apart. God’s voice is still saying, “Come away from them!”. Read Exodus 32.! It will only become tough when we try in our fallen human effort to live godly lives, sadly getting trapped in the trapped called religion only to reach the Kingdom with barren souls because of unfulfilled purpose while the Lord had done it all to provide. Do not reject the power within you, live fulfilled by the power which on one day shook the foundations of the earth with the first divine death and divine resurrection.


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