“From such turn away.”

My heart is still burdened by the prevalence of unbelief in professing believers. I do not know what the main challenge is, the cause of the problem, but we could be called 'those of little faith'. Like peter, fearing to come out to the waters, Matthew 14v31. Like the three who were called to the... Continue Reading →


A Coward in the Faith: Are you One?

Today, there is a burden in our Christian lives which are reflected through the lives we live. The Apostle Paul, in his last letter to Timothy, talks about the holistic future of this world. In the last days, there will be lovers of self and lovers of money… They will act religious but reject the... Continue Reading →

Stolen Fairytales

Stolen fairytales falling off the wall Pictures that should have never been there She may like it but its too hard for them to crawl Up to wherever the heavens end It was only a haughtiness she wore that day, That ensured and instigated, hammered through. His shoes are like the revolver on a motorcycle... Continue Reading →

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