Love: All that it Comes To

All that it is.


Love, I have found, its true essence seems to me to be, a thorough intensity, of choice and the ultimate sacrifice. Of love, I have learnt I can never please everyone, friends, onlookers, acquaintances and sometimes even family. What matters above all things is the greatness of choice. Its emancipation, its validation, its strength. The complete impossibility of mere circumstance. Just choice.

Sacrifice, is more complex. Yet that is what we human make it out to be. In love, the greatest good should be that of the receiver, to whom the love is being given. It is the choice, to give self in every form to one who loves back. To be the sunshine, to be the rain, the rainbow! The happiness in the joy.

The sacrifice is an agonizing shredding of the soul, laying on the altar one’s desires and plans, and burning in the wake of another’s. The returns are yet to be seen. Love took a righteous man to his grave, and love made him to rise again. In the death of loving, one will rise from the ashes of their heart, and live again, more abundantly.

And in all this, choice is everything. Many have lost due to finding themselves in situations where they never chose. Many have had heartbreaks and hurricanes of the soul, because they never chose. So choice is everything. A freeing of the soul. Choose, today.


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