Why I chose to Transition and be Minimalist

A full closet and covered walls made up my little campus room. Piles after piles of clothing. Couldn’t I have less denims, and shirts? Are all the contents of my little wardrobe what I’d like to wear, or how I’d like to look? Or are they just random items grabbed up from a sale? About my walls, I couldn’t do enough thinking. Lined papers with topics and discussions, criminology and masses of thought-food, ideas and posts that never make it to peolwaneinthesky.wordpress.com. could I not have less and function more?

Most people grow up in a culture which places emphasis on having a lot of “stuff”, no matter which part of the world. To be a somebody, it seems, one has to have more property to show. Less emphasis is placed on having fewer stuff which one actually needs. I come home after a long day of chasing deadlines and presentations to a campus res room to find cluttered walls, a fridge full of junk and a closet with clothes I never wear. Can I get any more room to breathe? Before I could rethink, I quickly unpinned most of my writings from my notice board and left only a daily planner. I put out most of the clothes I don’t wear and freed shelve space. I took some books from the bookshelf and left only those I need for the semester.

Only then I didn’t know, that what I was doing was starting out on a minimalist life journey which will have tremendous effects on my life. Below I have some reasons why rejecting materialism is the best choice I have made in 2016.

  1. A clutter-free environment helps declutter the mind

For chronic overthinkers like me, who have extra thoughts than needed and a wanderlust of the mind, getting into a disorganized room with a lot of stuff doesn’t help me gain conclusions on all I may be thinking of. I have witnessed that once I freed my space, I managed to think much better, order my thoughts and free my mind. Science, I believe, has done a lot to prove this.

  1. Owning less stuff helps the Earth, too

A minimalist lifestyle also means going minimal in your wardrobe too. Once I have begun, I choose my clothing carefully and try to figure out compatibility and quality. I choose to more regularly to shop at open-market thrift stores, where I make an effort to reduce my carbon footprint by less support for the fashion industry which is hazardous to the air and dissipates the ecosystem.

  1. More money to spend

I have found, although I am a n unwise spender most of the time, having little to manage and having wants reduced means I have extra cash to spend during the month. My allowance, which is considered meager by the rest of Batswana college kids, may actually pull through and go into the savings accounts I have opened and the outreach mission I have always wanted to start.

  1. What a better time to start than now

Reducing my wants, my impulsive buying as well as my property, I am readying myself for life after college. Perhaps, the Lord has a family for me in my books, and keeping house means being savvy and industrious. Apart from Criminology, there are things I may want to do to make a career turn. Freeing up space could help me focus on exactly what I want to do.

  1. It is a benefit for my spirituality

Spirituality is a wonderful phenomenon of an earth life focused on a greater, beyond-the-person realm. It is greatly rewarding to have a lot of room for spiritual advancement, even physically, in one’s life. History has taught us that the greatest people spiritually are those who live simplistic lifestyles. So these days I step into my room and I think more of Jesus, talk to my God, remember to pray and read Scripture. I have greatly improved my little war-room, and have more time for meditation in a little peaceful, breathable room.

  1. Where your treasure is, there your heart will be.

This is a paraphrase of the verse in Matthew 6:21. The Lord was giving a Sermon on the Mount which explained the Christian life in daily, practical terms. In this passage, Matthew 6:19-34, he was not in any way implying that Christians shouldn’t own anything, but rather, that a simple, focused life is of greater benefit than a life of having everything. It is the test and fulfillment to faith. Being saved has changed my outlook to a greater, coming day, of eternity, so why should I live like this world is all there is to life? 1st John 2:17 states, “this world is fading away, along with everything that is in it.” NLT {para}. A heart set on eternity should be less mindful of accumulation in this world. There is a future beyond the earth.

These are my reasons. And I am slowly taking steps in this area. I no longer want to cry for a stolen dress or nurse an aching head just because of the tons of things in my little room. Also, I want to kiss my heavy traveling days good-bye (imagine the logistics of travelling with a radio, a potted plant, a cushion for the night and 4 changes of clothes to another village for a weekend!). So I’d advice anyone to declutter, focus and save! There is more to life than just material things. Look up!


4 thoughts on “Why I chose to Transition and be Minimalist

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      1. I realise I have wasted at least 8 years where I could have developed myself by attending seminars and doing a lot of reading. But growing up with people like Tlamelo (hehehe, ke a mo rumola) you’ll be shy to speak English and read novels so you wont sound feminine. So go for it now nna I am still recovering from mediocre thinking

  1. Hahaa! I trust that Bafino has now been refined by the fires of further education, and could accomodate all sorts of prose and eloquence in your daily speech. If not, I’ll be damned.! Otherwise, I understand how you feel about those 8 wasted years; I have several manuscripts that I have locked in a cupboard and some I have completely lost! The Lord most certainly meant for greater as He bestowed us with such gifts. Let us waken and do more.

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