FEMINISM:what has it been Good for??


It cannot be just that, good for nothing. A glance back to the first wave of feminism in the 1950’s until today shows multiple improvements in the livelihood of girls and women. I do personally lament the losses incurred from this movement; pro-sex legislation which men have used to their advantage, the death of chivalry which was damn plain good manners, the killing of individual responsibility and the creation of feminism’s “new man”.

While the bra-burning campaigns and protests for emancipation where ground breaking, we still suffer a backlash today. Our fore-mothers who took it upon themselves to fight for the woman’s better cause did indeed have logs in their eyes with regard to some issues. Of course they never noticed that women’s lives are so centred on being wanted and desired, pleasing others and not being pleased, so much that it is ingrained too deep into society to be changed. It is simply how it is.

Chivalry never killed a lady hundred years ago, it sheltered them. Irresponsibility of males in general, is not a new phenomenon, Clyde was irresponsible enough to take Bonnie through a anti-law run (my own view here), even the first Adam himself. And all thanks to the new man, who cabbages around the yard when job opportunities are flying off the market and “lmfao’ing” all over social media when differences need to be made. Thanks to you we see and feel the backlash.

However, before I get compelled by my social scientist urges to hop onto the “accused” who rock too well on the Special Snowflake syndrome and strip off their bras hiding hypocritical counter-effective practices, let’s get into the good that feminism has done.

Today, in India, 8 in 10 girls are able to attend elementary and high school by the feminism grace which was poured on them when women chose to war for that. The same thing is happening in many countries in the African continent today. These girls, who are being educated, are smart individuals who take their opportunity seriously and actually strive to make a change. Through feminism we’ve seen women entering the labour market and their work, be it working in a factory sewing in sequins for the “most developed countries” g20 to wear to clubs and strip off their morality to the most recent dubstep song, or an ice queen running a board meeting and making sure that company stays high on the stocks, has transformed what could have been a slow moving industry by adding the logic and reality to daily proceedings.

Today’s women, also, have become strong pillars, or the metaphorical “necks” to the heads, being the husbands by holding everything down in the household and giving sound advice. Does the name Michelle Obama ring a bell? In politics, we see countries in Africa having high numbers of women in Parliament, women as presidents and women who rally the back-ache of proceedings behind these democratic movements. Also, thanks to feminism and political empowerment, women can now vote in national elections for the candidate of choice. Forget the perception that women only look at how good those men look and choose by that, the last time I checked there are brains in those heads which see logic and understanding!

Still looking back, we see women being able to get out of the normal sphere of required dress habits, and choosing comfort over being pleasing to sight. High heels are not mandatory any more, and our hair can get as natural as wild gemsbok’s tail and we still feel good about ourselves and how we look. The fashion industry, which is a male-managed monster is yet another mountain we are soon to climb over, where there shall be no dictates and directions from the crazy Parisian men who lack all sense of textile creativity and precision in their atrocious designs.

We see that women, who are naturally industrious and craft-wise, have pushed sustainable development and care for the earth by crying over poisoned seas and septic rivers and lakes, pushing hard for the Green movement for the earth’s sake. Where were the men? They were inconsiderate bosses and directors who never cared where the waste from their production was going. It is the women who stood. In many communities, there is an amazing improvement of the lives of indigenous people, through cultural preservation. It was the women, in the 1997 who stood up and joined the Wasase war dance for the deteriorating conditions of the livelihoods of youth in the Kanienkehaka people in Northern Canada. The women danced.

While this movement has many rivers yet to cross, and mountains that need sharper stilettos to graze through, and the seas of misogyny need yet more material from our dresses to be completely covered, Feminism has been good for greater! There is living proof! Had patriarchy been a  monster that hasn’t been slain this girl behind this screen in modern-day Botswana couldn’t have had the slightest opportunity to even lay eyes on a mechanical device like this. I am simply testament.

So now I have resolved to wait in anticipation the part after Chris Rock or some other individual asks “Feminism! What has it been good for? Absolutely nothing?”


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