7 Hymns that make My Day, Any Day


  1. Be Thou my Vision

This hymn is an old Irish composition translated by Mary E. Byrne into English, originally written by a monk named Dallan Forgaill as an Irish poem, “Rop tú mo Baile” (“Be Thou my Vision). Each day, I ask the Lord that He may be my vision, that I may see, my wisdom that I may do right, my shield that I may be safe. It reminds me not to ‘heed riches or man’s empty praise’. The Lord is to me my Treasure and my King.

  1. What a Friend we have in Jesus

In Jesus Christ we have a friend that never leaves, He is not a fair-weather friend, for He is with us all the days. When I feel high or low, sad or happy, or during those days when everything is sweet and steady, He is there. “Have we trials and temptations? Is there sorrow anywhere?” and the lines that touch me most, “O what peace we often forfeit, o what needless pain we bear! All because we do not carry everything to God in prayer.” (Joseph Scriven 1857). Now don’t we all do this one? Forget that we have a Saviour, a friend who is ready to bear all our sorrows? This hymn reminds me to stop brooding over all the wrong in my life and let God take control of things!

  1. Trust and Obey

Trust and Obey was written in 1887 by John H. Sammis When we walk with the Lord,*as we proclaim through our salvation* , in the light of his word, *just as His word gives us guidance and direction*, what a glory he sheds on our way! *His glory and grace surrounds us*.While we do his good will, *living a surrendered life to His perfect will*, he abides with us still, *he keeps with His children*, and with all who will trust and obey, *it all takes faith in Him to live up to our true calling and purpose as well as obedience to His law*. I love this hymn! It speaks volumes to me. No sorrows, no cares, all because we trust and obey. Think on this, and remember that at the end of the day, to reach the goal we strive for in faith, we have to Obey God.

  1. In Christ Alone

This modern Christian hymn by Keith Getty and Stuart Townend resonates deeply within me. It is a wonderful piece that sums up Christian faith. All aspects are covered; salvation, grace, strength, peace, His death and victory and his Second Advent. And it is amazing to have modern song-writers pen a good song as this that sounds beautifully like a composition from the 1800’s hymnologies. In the end, my salvation in Christ means me finding in Him all the things I could need, and as the world gets rougher and tougher and I look to his coming, in Him my Hope is found.

  1. The Great Physician

I have known the Lord as an all-capable Saviour since I chose to trust in Him. I have been healed continuously from ailments that could perhaps still be with me today, and it has all been through his doing. This hymn by William Hunter 1811, is one of the many of the others which have touched my heart. When I look back at all that he has brought me through, healing my body, soul and mind…clearing my sin. Jesus, The Great Physician, is always near, and I have the faith of the Roman officer for the healing of his servant. Read Matthew 8:5-13.

  1. Jesus, Keep me Near the Cross

“…There’s a precious fountain, free to all a healing stream, flows from Calv’ry’s mountain”. This beautiful hymn is by Fanny Crosby 1869, who wrote over a 1000 hymns, through many pseudo names. Singing this song at church and in my alone time constantly reminds me of the free salvation which I have been given through the death of Jesus Christ on the Cross. The cross symbolizes and encompasses exactly, Completely what the Christian faith is about. In the question of sin, look to the cross, in the question of redemption, look to the cross, in pain, sadness, seeking, needing, longing, praying, all answers are found in the complete work of Christ on the cross. I too, like the hymn-writer, find my hope at the cross, where I daily do “watch and pray, hoping, trusting ever; till I reach the golden strand, just beyond the river.” 

  1. What Wondrous love is This?

I came across this hymn sung beautifully by Chelsea Moon and the Franz Brothers on YouTube and the Lord stamped in on my heart! I think of the questions it simply asks, and I look at my sinning, soiled two Pula worth of a life and wonder, “What wondrous love is this, that bore the dreadful curse for my soul?” Dear Jesus, each day I am completely overwhelmed by the greatness of Your love! You amaze me! Me, an undeserving sinner, and you died, Lord, why? I cannot fathom. Many times I think I am well acquainted of the meaning of love, because I sometimes happen to love that young man, but Lord, Your love is strong! Decided and unchanging, as a sure-footed deer. I wonder, and give thanks, in the the midst of the tears I cry. I can never really do much for Him, but he loves me still. What wondrous love is this?!



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