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7 Hymns that make My Day, Any Day

Be Thou my Vision This hymn is an old Irish composition translated by Mary E. Byrne into English, originally written by a monk named Dallan Forgaill as an Irish poem, “Rop tú mo Baile” ("Be Thou my Vision). Each day, I ask the Lord that He may be my vision, that I may see, my wisdom… Continue reading 7 Hymns that make My Day, Any Day

Heartfelt Daily, My Poems

I am my Father

This is an expression of feeling dug deep within. Life hands us potions we have no right to refuse. Strength is when once you recognize your need, constant and unattended, and bring yourself out and be that which you need, for the fulfillment of your purpose. Never be engulfed, the sea has no mouth to… Continue reading I am my Father