I Pray for the Brotherhood

It is becoming continuously apparent that society’s biggest monster, our very own self-bred nemesis, is not only affecting the lives of women, but that of men too. Patriarchy has proved not only dangerous to females who are living under its somewhat condescending iron-rod. But Males are also victims of this monster which they have fabricated themselves.

So, I, in my aloneness, pray for our brothers. I pray for the brotherhood. Men have been victimised for failure to control their emotions when they cry in pain, but aren’t they human? Men have been frowned upon for the times they have failed to protect the women in their lives, but aren’t they human too? Men have been victims of rape and have been belittled for it, but aren’t they human too? Men have been tried to liberate their sexuality but are stereotyped for it.

Men have been short-listed for shunning the desire to objectify women in popular music culture and have been called weak because they have some respect in their brains. Popular culture insinuates that a man without the “love” and “appreciation” for female bodies, which are purely libertine in themselves, is a failure, while they continue to upscale the degradation of women and themselves.

Today’s society largely considers the involvement in drugs and alcohol, girls and partying, social media popularity, subtle disrespect to women, glamourized lives of people who have “made it” and the passing mundane things of the common materialistic lives as the most important things. Through patriarchy meaning and worth have been thrown out of the picture, the whole concept of life.

So we females can go on with our feminist rants; of course we have been side-lined! But the greater picture here, is the fact apart from the new man we have created, patriarchy has also had a backlash on itself. The men never thought for themselves when they laid down the ground rules. It is a sword with two sharp ends.

This doesn’t imply that we want weak counterparts, no, may every human be strong within themselves. It doesn’t imply that we women don’t want to be loved and appreciated, remember we thrive on that, but may every human love the next. Today, the more the technological advancement the more patriarchy gnashes its teeth and spits fire, on males too. If it was a Jabberwocky, it would have never been slain. The “beamish boy” would come back home without its head and of course there would never have been any joy. So today, I pray for the brotherhood. I pray that they don’t conform like some of us girls, I pray that they be liberated from the bondage of high societal expectations, that they would be free to exercise their humanity to females and to each other in their daily lives, that they could thrive in the highest, utmost entirety of being Human.


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