Yet Another Year

There are many things i could write about the new year. Perhaps a little ‘compliments!’ would do. Yes, in its entire wholesomeness; Compliments! This morning I woke up with  Vashawn Mitchell’s “Nobody Greater” song on my heart (check it out here). It is beautiful. And once again, I was brought to remember the greatness of God, His unfailing mercy and His goodness. By faith in Him, I have been entirely blessed. Just knowing the Lord has brought me through a lot of storms. 2015 was amazing. Lessons were learnt, a great deal of fun was had and above all, more Grace was poured out. I couldn’t have asked for anything different.

Today, I look back, and thank Jesus for leading me continuously to the altar, for bringing me into fellowship with His saints in a church where I feel at home last March, for humbling me in times were my head couldn’t fit through the door and for driving me through a difficult time of physical ailment. I remember the few months when my spirit was sick and my body was weak and had to go through random medical tests and doctors couldn’t find the problem. That alone is a TESTIMONY, especially now that I feel much better spiritually and I have healed. All glory, honor and praise to Him!

Happy New Year!! Ngwaga o mosha!

Last year I also spent a good 10 days with a University of Botswana volunteering (Workcamps) association in the Moremi Game Reserve (you can look it up here) , northwest of Botswana, building timber delta-cross bridges and making sign-posts. I had a good time reconciling with nature too. I was thankful for the wonderful tan, plus the awesome people I got to meet. Moremi is a beautiful place, and if you are abroad, you might want to look into it for your next holiday destination. After all that, I could never be more ready for #Botswana2016 ( our National pillars),  a great year for our nation as we celebrate our 50th year of Independence. This calls many of us Batswana youth unto prayer patriotism. May the Lord touch and bless!

2016, now, is an extra year of academic pursuits. Lwaone is now back to the business of pacing through campus, rising early, unhealthy eating habits and getting some more of Criminology into her brain. It’s a done deal! I’ve begun living in this year, may I see the end of it. Furthermore, may I be called to living a set-apart life, loving and learning, living worthy of His righteous calling, while I chase faithfulness too. 🙂 May it be a good year for you too, beloved. Smile. Live. Love. Pray. And enjoy the abundance of the Lord’s mercies and outpouring in your life. Happy New Year, and according to the language of my beautiful Kalanga heritage, Goledzwa!



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