10 Reasons why a Christian Girl shouldn’t ask a Guy out!

Yes! I had to do it. I did! Apart from my feminist sentiments and girl-power ideologies, here’s one thing I’ve witnessed enough no to really appreciate. Some of the points have been taken from friends, others may be a tad bit from my experience. Eek! So here goes…

  1. It is completely terrifying

Yes! Can you imagine the feeling the Israelite nation when the armies of ruthless and evil Pharaoh of Egypt are coming after them with grand chariots and in front there is a vast sea of hopelessness? That’s how terrifying it is.

  1. It isn’t ladylike.

Perhaps you’d assume that we are bound to be raising our ankle-length skirts to skip over a puddle CORRECTLY, TO THE RIGHT, WITH ONE HAND!! And being the epitome of grace. Spare me. Today it isn’t much like that, girls are very much capable human beings. But one thing that hasn’t changed through all the ages, Girls don’t do the asking!

  1. If you do the asking, he will sit back and relax.

This means that if you go ahead and tell Jack that you’re just about to tip over in fancy, he will accept that and be the bum in the relationship. And you will always, ALWAYS have to instigate.

  1. By asking, you usurp his authority

That’s right. Such a thing could make him loose the headship of the relationship, (sorry I am a believer) and strip him of the responsibility to care for you.

  1. Is that the “d” word I hear?

Yes! Desperate! I believe no girl wants to come off as desperate, and I know it’s hard especially if your inclination is in a craze. But, just hold on, wait, for in due season you shall reap.

  1. It may just be a mistake

Conflict theorists would call it a magnified lack of consensus. This may be mainly between your feelings (heart, body, emotions) and mind (logic, calculations, facts) where you don’t really understand what you want. And tapping Johnny on the shoulder may be the worst decision ever if it turns out Johnny wasn’t for you!

  1. It could be a test

Ok. If you have faith, you do know these things come often. Perhaps this is your Maker testing your resistance, your faithfulness (I’ll post a journal I wrote about love and faithfulness soon!) and your devotion to him. And maybe if focusing solely on Collin could show were your true loyalties lie.

  1. Did I mention how terrifying it is?

Oh, this time, it may just feel like when the Israelite children went to war with no weapon in hand but instead took all the musical instruments they had and sang (1st Chronicles 20). To think they were unarmed.

  1. Possible rejection

I know boys go through this a lot of times, (judging from all those who approached me and left just as they came). They go through rejection and sometimes don’t cope, especially if they relied on a relationship for self-worth. If it rejection can take a boy ages to heal (and most likely settle for less) just imagine what it could do to a girl.

  1. And lastly, when he asks, there is all the glory in that.

You know the Proverbs 31 verse “Blessed is the man who finds a good wife” (para)? And the other of Proverbs 12 “A worthy wife is a crown for her husband” and the story of how Adam slept then God made us?? All because he sought, and he wants and he desires and he has good plans. There is all the glory in that. 

lots of love,



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