Liberated Looks

I am now in my third week of a complete natural hair challenge. I removed a synthetic weave I had on two weeks ago and let my dreadlocks run loose. And 14 days later I feel completely defeated. Despite the compliments, I still feel a lot less like myself. Just the other day I ranted to my cousin to “come braid me because I feel ugly”! Yes, and today, when I woke up I found out that I still do.

This got me thinking, are some black women or women of color rejecting to accept their true selves? Are we so used to looking like the white man that we depend heavily on man-made materials to look beautiful? Am I comfortable in my skin, or this is just me throwing a tantrum because I don’t appreciate my hairstyle anymore?

I wonder if it so, how long is this escapade is going to last? Cosmetic surgery is a madness that seems to be putting its foot through every door, regardless of race, ethnicity or gender. The young generation is constantly trying to become this “perfect” human being who is not our true self.

The saddening fact, is that it is us blacks who are more victimized by this.

Natural hair self. My Looks at liberty?

And perhaps we have come to a point where we let in too much self-pity as well, as a warrant to go insanely into self-design. Maybe Black Feminists, when they liberated our finances, social lives and justice, they forgot to liberate our looks.


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