Forgiving Oneself

"Take heart; your sins are forgiven." Matthew 9:2
“Take heart; your sins are forgiven.” Matthew 9:2

Forgiveness is important for gaining peace. The Isrealites, after traveling miles and miles through the hot desert, became quite impatient. This built a hostility against God, they thought, “We are hungry, we are thirsty, AND we have to travel right round the land of Edom!!” Well, they weren’t pleased with that. And they were pointing a finger a God. They wanted no manna anymore. God heard all this, and sent poisonous snakes to punish them. Many people died, and it didn’t even take a week. But God was merciful enough to them, and a brazen cross and snake were molded, put before the people, and everyone who looked at it was healed. their lives were spared through that. God forgave them.

2000 years ago, Christ did the same thing for us. Whenever a sinner looks at Him, His Cross, and accepts Him as Saviour, he is instantly forgiven. But today, I want to think about forgiving oneself. A few weeks back, I talked to a colleague of mine quite rashly. I had been hotheaded about some issues which could have taken just a little talk to fix. But I had done otherwise. I apologized, and I was readily forgiven. However I kept a burden within me of that mistake. I was freed of the guilt of that horrible conversation because I was pardoned. But i found it hard to forgive myself.

Isn’t this what we children of God always do? Even after repentance of our sin, sometimes we feel way too guilty to let it go. These kinds of feelings are surely frustrating and painful to carry. For me, they sour my moods and affect the people around me. But we should remember that we are forgiven. We are forgiven. And that grace abounds over and above (Romans 5:20b). Perhaps the enemy finds it easier for us to carry negative emotions that he may lead us astray. Imagine if the Israelites children did not look to the cross because they felt so unworthy…even after God had given them a way out. However, that is not what we were called to. The Lord wants us to be free of past mistakes and sins we have done in order for us to do exactly what He wants us to do.

As for my burden, I brought it before the Lord with the little prayer I have written below, and in the morning I felt lighted-hearted and much better, because I claimed the forgiveness I was granted.

Prayer; Dear Father, thank You for Your priceless forgiveness, thank You for the promise that I am forgiven of all things, past, present and future. Keep Your promise in my heart, that I may never carry negative feelings of guilt long enough that they weather me out. Give me the grace to trust You and the forgiveness You give, that I may rise to do Your will each day. In Jesus’ name. 

Claim it today, and gain peace.

Your sister



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