It is the Women who Pay

After the Beijing Platform of Action turned the world upside down, emancipating women and bringing new opportunities, breaking families and building female careers, it is still the women who pay. In the midst of the construction of a liberal empire with slogans like “I am a woman, and YES, I can”, unsuspectingly, we also created the new man. When we thought we ought to manage our money, pay our own bills, have and raise our kids alone, choose if we want or don’t want God, make a career out of our bodies and even take a seat at parliament, in our subconscious we brought to being the new man.

Who is he? Well, he doesn’t complete high school, and if he does he whizzes through college breaking our hearts, he wakes up for a bowl of cornflakes at 12, sleeps through a global catastrophe, makes babies whose mothers he never marries, doesn’t pay the bills, doesn’t pay child support, doesn’t think it is wrong to want the old man to knock off just for his money and doesn’t respect the fairer sex.

We said we could do it. Through gnashed teeth and metal chains in prisons of marriage which solely kept us safe, we wailed “Free us!” and we got just that. We are free to make our own choices, free to sleep with whoever whenever just because we manage our bodies, free to work hard at 3 low-paying jobs to support his kids because we are women, WE CAN DO IT.

However, after Beijing +20 and we are sick and tired. We are bruised and abused by the world, praying until knees blacken for the bonds of marriage we wanted to be from two decades back. Our brothers just “bum it” at home after years of expensive college, and relationships aren’t meaningful anymore. We said we can give sex, they want sex. Yet us women, in every fibre of our being, to thrive, we only need love. Just LOVE.

Well, we can do it. But we remain displeased still, he doesn’t open the door for us, he doesn’t call for a whole month, if he is lucky enough to know the Lord he can’t preach anyone unto salvation and he is rotten enough to think that your money, your hard-earned money should feed him!

Women! We have made a mistake! Emancipation is only truly emancipation when there is only pleasure afterwards, yet we are still held captive by pain. That man, the one who looks at you in the streets as if he could just tear your clothes off of you, we made him. There is a cost to everything, feminists hit a blind spot, we were led to believe that there will be better after liberation, yet here we are. It is still the Women who pay.


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