To The Illegitemate Child

Fruits of my imperfection, fruits of my sin.

When will I ever have a renewed spirit within?

My vow, my pledge to Him,

has now been stepped over, it seems.

Oh, how I pleasured in your making! But now I pain in your birth… 

If only I had known

that toils of the night don’t shine so bright

in the new day’s light.


Now my step is heavy on the ground

For it steps for two.

I hide in shame, I can’t move around

I should have waited for you!

To labor for my earthly desires is futile

I should have labored for Him


But you are here now,

You cant go back.

If you could stop crying maybe I could teach you

the Story of Him who I have wronged

To Him who I have cast unto the Cross for undeserved atonement,

To Him who I now give you to His charge,

that when you find Him

keep Him in your heart.

Sit at his feet and never follow me

into the wild, where I was devoured

Be His most faithful servant, for He is King.


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