The Epitome of beauty: In Style or Heart?

How can a young girl like me, in a 2014 Botswana, uphold moral principles of beauty, without being engulfed by the enemy called fashion? While looking good or better yet: drop-dead gorgeous is not a problem with me, how can one escape the snares of fashion when it comes to fixing themselves up? Okay, let’s be realistic here, without pointing a finger at anyone in particular, we all know how the extreme desire to be always looking good, even in the most “casual” of ways, can be a habit.  Fixing this and matching that can take up most of one’s time.

And that there, is my major concern. Time.  Could I, on a glorious Sunday morning, focus on completing my perfect outfit more than I would on a few verses of the first chapter of Hebrews? Could I, in the normal walks of life, judge people on their style of dress rather than the essence of their personalities?

So today, where the absence of fashion could be the end of millions of careers world-wide and the core of many peoples lives, how do we define beauty? Is style the epitome of beauty? Where now do we put the heart? The body is an amazingly wonderful creation, unique in its very core because it is in the likeness of God. Making “bold fashion statements” and glamorizing our bodies with colors and accessories objectify our being.  The woman, who is more vulnerable, has been, over the centuries, made into an object that can accessorize any man, music video and even retail products.  So being the tall and slender thing with long dark hair and a little black dress accessory, which would match perfectly with the dude’s sports car is choice.

A woman can be the drop-dead gorgeous little thing walking along the street or have a drop-dead gorgeous personality. We can choose to reveal our true essence for first impressions or be entirely misunderstood through an outfit. We could all be lovable human beings in our t-shirt and pants, in pumps that ensure a steady walk and in our pj’s all day. We could still run the world with our plain  faces as much as we could in the extra-terrestrial outfit I have no idea by whom it was designed! The effect of your outfit may be appalling and heinous than your reason for it in the first place.

It is wonderful to look beautiful all the time, because it makes you feel so within as well. But it’s even more wonderful to speak beauty, think beauty, radiate beauty and live it in every way… through a beautiful heart and a beautiful personality. That is when the people around you will be there for the right reasons, because they see you for who you are.

🙂 Resembling the Christ, who was never seen parading in the streets of Nazareth in grand scarlet robes.


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